Learning Centers 9/21

Today in class, we worked in learning centers. Students read each article and discussed each cartoon in groups and completed the attached chart. If you missed class today, you may turn this assignment in after Fall Break.

True Diary – Articles to read (1)- Learning Stations


“Everyday Use” discussion questions

I’m attaching the discussion questions for “Everyday Use”. I’ll also include a link to the short story. This assignment was due 8/11. I will accept it through tomorrow 9/22. Otherwise, it stays a zero in the gradebook.




Schedule for 9/11-9/15

We will begin reading Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian this week. For future posts, I will abbreviate it “PTI”.


9/11: Anticipation Guide for PTI. Read and annotate “13 Issues Facing Native Americans”

9/12: Read and discuss Chapters 1-3 of PTI. Introduce Double-Entry journal.

Homework: Read Chapters 4 and 5 (Because Geometry is not a country somewhere near France and Hope Against Hope) by FRIDAY


9/13: Watch “Big Think” video of Sherman Alexie and respond to worksheet; read and respond to “A Dream Deferred”.

9/14: Read “Spirit in Me” and do TPCASTT model. Unpack Embedded Assessment 2. Common Assessment 2.

9/15: Reading quiz over Chapters 4 and 5 (Because Geometry is not a country somewhere near France and Hope Against Hope). Analyze chapter titles and illustrations. Time will be provided at the end of class for silent sustained reading.

Homework: Read Chapters 6-9 (Go Means Go, Rowdy Sings the Blues, and How to Fight Monsters) by Tuesday.