9th Lit December calendar

December 9th


SAT Vocab Extra Credit

I’ve attached the list of SAT words. You need to select 5 words and create a slideshow to present to the class outlining the words. The slides NEED to include the following:

  1. The word itself
  2. The definition
  3. The root of the word (Where did it come from?)
  4. Suffixes and prefixes.
  5. Synonym(s) and antonym(s)SAT Vocab Words

This assignment is worth 25 points. (5 vocab words x 5 requirements on the slides)

November Calendar 9th Grade

November Calendar- 9th Grade

This is the agenda for the month of November. If you miss a day of reading, the entire audiobook of Night is available on YouTube for you to listen to at home, or you can stay after school ANY DAY with Ms. Mapp to read/listen at school.

The assignments on USA Test Prep will be clearly labeled for each day, and will be recorded in the gradebook.

Login information:

Account ID: Pebblebrook

Username (first initial last name (ex: khumble)

Password: lunch number

If you have issues logging in at home, email me because I can look up your login information and send it to you.

Agenda for week of 10/23-10/27

Monday 10/23- Complete Webquest

Tuesday 10/24- Learning Stations- Intro to Night.

Wednesday 10/25- Begin Identity Boxes

Thursday 10/26- Finish Identity Boxes, Novel vocabulary

Friday 10/27- Genius Hour- Ipads- Work on final presentation. Make-up Shark Tank presentations.

9th Lit Assignment/Work over the break

9th Lit: Your sole required assignment over the break is to come up with your claim for your argumentative essay and brainstorm 3 pieces of evidence to support your claim.

Your essay prompt is to argue which path is the best to take after high school: 4-year college, 2-year college, trade/tech school, entrepreneurship, or military.

Your claim and evidence need to be written down on the graphic organizer I passed out in class today. I’m attaching a copy here for those students who were absent.

Argument graphic organizer (1) (1)


If you would like, you have the opportunity to revise your short stories for a better grade. You must follow these steps:

  1. Email me or Ms. Mapp (if you are in 2nd block), and let one of us know that you would like us to edit your story again.
  2. Copy and paste your story from Google Docs into a Microsoft Word document. (This will assist with grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes not caught by Google Docs)
  3. Print your final draft to bring in on Monday when we get back, or save to a flash drive or your email so we can print at school.


Please, if you have any questions at all, email me! I can’t help if I don’t know there is a problem. Have a great break!!!

Schedule 9/18-9/22


1st Block- Unpack Argumentative Writing prompt and rubric. Review Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

2nd Block- Computer Lab to work on Shark Tank Presentations; begin working on logo using logomakr.com


Tuesday:  Unit 1 Test



1st Block- Computer Lab to work on Shark Tank Powerpoint

2nd Block- Shark Tank Presentations for Genius Hour project.

Thursday: Computer Lab- Written Response


1st Block- Shark Tank Presentations

2nd Block- Media Center Orientation




Schedule for 9/11-9/15

Monday 9/11: Read actual ending of “Most Dangerous Game”. Complete Mission Statements and begin brainstorming logo.

Tuesday 9/12: Final edit of short story/ Post Mission Statement and Logo to blogs

Wednesday 9/13: Watch “Most Dangerous Game”. Complete Compare/Contrast Notes.

Thursday 9/14: Written response to “Most Dangerous Game” and individual grade conferences.

Friday 9/15: “Shark Tank” style presentation of Genius Hour Project.