Shakespeare Webquest Sites

The sites you need to use to complete the webquest are listed below. I have also added the questions you need to answer if you lose it or were absent.

Shakespeare Webquest

Questions 1-7:

Question 8:

Questions 9-11:

Question 12:

Question 13:

Question 14:

Question 15:

Questions 16-19

Question 20-23:





Extra Credit Opportunities

I am attaching a link to the Extra Credit document. I have also created a class on that you are mostly all added to. If you do not have an account with USA Test Prep, I could not add you to the class. If you create an account, or would like me to create an account for you, let me know. There are multiple assignments that can be completed for extra credit.

I have also created a grammar quiz on

You can create and account and log in. Select the appropriate class and enter the class code:

9th Grade: jagged duck 97

3rd Block: scrawny stone 79

4th block: silly pillow 87

Other Extra Credit for 12th grade:


Email me if you have questions or concerns.