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Shakespeare Webquest Sites

The sites you need to use to complete the Webquest are listed below. I have also added the questions you need to answer if you lose it or were absent.

Shakespeare Webquest

Questions 1-7:

Question 8:

Questions 9-11:

Question 12:

Question 13:

Question 14:

Question 15:

Questions 16-19

Question 20-23:





SAT Vocab Extra Credit

I’ve attached the list of SAT words. You need to select 5 words and create a slideshow to present to the class outlining the words. The slides NEED to include the following:

  1. The word itself
  2. The definition
  3. The root of the word (Where did it come from?)
  4. Suffixes and prefixes.
  5. Synonym(s) and antonym(s)SAT Vocab Words

This assignment is worth 25 points. (5 vocab words x 5 requirements on the slides)

November Calendar 9th Grade

November Calendar- 9th Grade

This is the agenda for the month of November. If you miss a day of reading, the entire audiobook of Night is available on YouTube for you to listen to at home, or you can stay after school ANY DAY with Ms. Mapp to read/listen at school.

The assignments on USA Test Prep will be clearly labeled for each day, and will be recorded in the gradebook.

Login information:

Account ID: Pebblebrook

Username (first initial last name (ex: khumble)

Password: lunch number

If you have issues logging in at home, email me because I can look up your login information and send it to you.